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    Zoom item renderer out of scroller boundaries


      Hi everyone, hoping someone has the easy Answer.  I want to have an item renderer that can zoomIn and display outside the scroller boundaries for which it resides in. 


      I have


      Scroller  set depth property =1


      Datagroup (tile layout) depth=2


      custom zoomable LabelItemRenderer depth=3  (depth=4 when zooming in so it overlaps the other renderers in the datagroup) ....these tiles, when zoomed, will increase in size by 50%.


      So in other words, the datagroup is wrapped in a scroller, and I extended the LIR to zoom.


      If I take the scroller out of the picture, everything works great...if I zoom on an IR(tile) that is on the very border of the datagroups boundaries, it will display over the DG's boundaries so that the whole zoomed tile is shown.


      Now if I wrap the DG in a scroller, the IRs will zoom, but any tiles on the boundary will get clipped by the boundary, like it is underneath the scroller.


      I want a zoomed tile to display completely, even if that means overlapping the boundaries of the scroller.  Like I said, works great when the DG doesn't have a scroller wrapped around it.


      Is this possible?


      I should add its a 4.6 mobile project.