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    Working with Saved Selections

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      Hey guys,


      I'm working with a lot of saved selections suddenly, and was wondering if there are easier ways to work with them that don't require ScriptListener script.  The 3 things I can think of that I need to do with saved selections is, of course, save a selection, load a selection, and the one I can't figure out is, can I simply check to see if a selection exists in the saved selection list?  I'm assuming the best way to check for a saved selection is to simply look for that selection via the channels window/tab (a feature I haven't used much as far as script is concerned).  Saving a select I would imagine is fairly simple, I just don't know how to do it outside of using SL script.  Loading selections gets a little more complicated as I need to load a selection from one document into another.  I have SL script to do both the save and the load, but if there is a cleaner way to do those, I'm all for it.  The biggest thing is how to determine if a certain selection has even been saved.  Anyway, any tips anyone can give are much appreciated.




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          Ok, of course I go and figure out most of the things I struggled with on my own shortly after posting.  For finding and loading a selection was as simple as below:


          var thisDoc = app.activeDocument;
          var myDoc = app.documents.getByName("original.psd");
          var chan = myDoc.channels.getByName("channelName");


          Creating the chan variable throws an error if it can't find the one specified, so it simply needs to be placed in a try statement if you simply want to see if it's there or not.  The load was a lot simpler than I expected as well.  I'm still a bit confused on the save though.  It doesn't seem quite as cut-and-dry as the check and load.  Any suggestions on simply saving a selection as a certain name?


          Edit: One thing to note is; if you're loading the selection to another document; it appears that the target document must be the exact same width/height as the source of the selection.