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    FP Debug version not connecting to Flash Builder


      I cannot seem to get the debug version of FP to connect back to Flash Builder 4.5.1.


      I have installed the latest debug version of Flash Player from Adobe's website (NPSWF32_11_2_202_235).  I've configured a debug launch that starts my app in the browser; when I launch it it does indeed start in the browser, but the connection between the browser and FlashBuilder is never completed.  Eventually FlashBuilder times out. 


      Watching with SysInternals' TcpView I can see that Flash Builder listens on port 7935, but I don't know if the debug plugin is supposed to be using TCP to communicate with FlashBuilder, or there's an alternate connection mechanism (i.e. a pipe).


      Can someone please explain how the player debug version connects to FB, and how to troubleshoot this further?