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    Create an INDEX from STYLE SHEET


      I want to know how to create a index from the Paragraph Style Sheet.



      The Context:

      I'm doing a catalog and i need to index all the Items in it.

      there is thousand of em... i don't want to do it manually.


      Fortunatly, all the items are in a distinct "Paragraph Style Sheet"


      so i want to choose the index menu and click  :  « list same style text as individual reference »





      well, i don't believe in magic,

      so is there a plugin that will do it for me?




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          InDesign's built-in Index function is driven by tagging individual words or strings to be included, but the Table Of Contents feature is driven by paragraph styles, and if the products are listed ini a unique style, and there is not additional text inthe paragraph, that should do what you want.