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    Formcalc sales order

    von trepka

      Hi everyone. I'm currently working on a sales order but i bounced into some problems.


      I Have 2 Fields




      The thing is I want an embedded price inside my Quantity such as: "Total=Quantity*150" in excel this would work perfectly fine. I have made dummy fields that I turned invisable, but with 120 products this can be messy.


      Anyway, everytime the Quantity amount goes above 20 the price is gonna change from 150 to 125, and when it goes above 50 it gonna change again, from 125 to 100, and above 200 to price with be 75 for each quantity.


      I'm abit desprate here but, if anyone could post a script that would work that i could work my headaround I would be so Greatefull.


      Love susanna.