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    CS6 Match frame of Merged Clip

    RBemendo Level 1

      Is there anyway to match frame the actual Merged clip from a timeline, I'm getting the source media that the merged clip was created from.  Just wondering if it's a limitation of the merged clip or the match frame command.

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          RBemendo Level 1

          Update: Merged clips will Match frame of the dual sync sound once an actual "merged clip" is created in the project panel.  The match frame command will point to the referenced media on "grouped, or synchronized" clips.  Make sure to replace grouped or synchronized dual sync sound clips to retain the match frame feature when trying to match to the merged audio.

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            marq5.1 Level 1

            Does this mean that it isn't possible to "Reviel in project", or otherwise locate a merged clip in the project window?


            So far "Reveal in project", and "match frame", point to the same subfile of a merged clip... not very useful. What other options are there?


            ... A sad workaround is to type in the name of the merged file in the search frame at the top of the Project pain.


            I guess this one for the feature request list.