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    mouseOverFunc Error ....

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      I'm using this bit of code for a small Image gallery which reads of Xml. Unfortunately if I get to early over a thumbnail it gives an Error of the 'mouseOverFunc' function because of the Broadband which can be very slow here and therefor if the Image is not loaded the Error.

      Below is all the code used so no call just as is etc. so I could write a Handler to catch this Error and maybe check if yhe data is null first?


      Anybody which could help to fix this ??? would be much appriciated !

      regards aktell2007



       import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
       import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;
       import mx.core.UIComponent;
       private var MyCollection:ArrayCollection;
       private var rollOutvar:Number = 0;
       private function resultHandlerOne(event:ResultEvent):void {
       MyCollection = event.result.MyData.MyTopic;
       private function mouseOverFunc(displayNum:Number):void {
       myImage.source="http://www........" + MyCollection[displayNum].MyJPG;
       myTitle.text = MyCollection[displayNum].MyTitle;
       myLink.text = MyCollection[displayNum].MyLink;
       myText.text= MyCollection[displayNum].MyText;
       private function mouseOutFunc():void {
       myTitle.text = "";
       myLink.text = "";
       myText.text = "";