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    FB4.6 Mobile TextInput Issues

    sleblang Level 1

      I am creating a mobile app using FB4.6/AIR. I am running into several issues when I have TextInput fields in my view. If I have a TextField (StageText) that has text pre-populated in it (i.e. from a data object), when the view loads, the TextField will flash the text until it eventually stops and the text disappears. Upon selecting the TextField, the text will reappear. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation. So, after doing some research, I bypassed using the StageText  by using the SkinClass - 'spark.skins.mobile.TextInputSkin'. This fixed the flashing text issue, however, now upon entering text in the TextField, after a certain point, the text seems to duplicate itself several times over, so that the the word, in this case an email address, becomes unrecognizable (i.e. John.Doe@MyEmail.com would become John.Doe@MyEmail.com@MyEmail.comJohn.Doe@My).


      Obviously, I need to find a solution for one of these situations. Suggestions?


      Thanks, in advance.