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    parent child relationship

    hilukasz Level 1

      this is more of a abstract question because I think the exection would be relatively easy. But I am trying to figure out how to tell detect if a symbol is within a rectangle vector area. so almost like a parent child relationship in html goes? was thinking about getting top botom left and right of a layer called parent then checking all layers below it (maybe they have "child" naming sceme, so i can match by layer name) if the top bottom left and right are >=/<= the one above it. not sure if there is an easier way someone can suggest? so it is basically detecting if a box is inside another box.


      here is a screen shot: http://localhostr.com/files/3SGgh1o/Screen+Shot+2012-05-30+at+7.24.12+PM.jpg


      need to detect is symbol1 is within div1 or 2 and same with symbol2