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    Trouble with video and animations


      I am using Presenter 7.0. I created a PowerPoint presentation using a multimedia template (available from Office.com) called Glowing Technology. This template has a video graphic that shows moving, glowing lines. It looks really cool. Here's the scoop:


      1. I created a short, 6-slide presentation
      2. I added slide transitions and text animations
      3. I added narration via Presenter
      4. I published the content to .swf
      5. The audio works
      6. The glowing technology video does not work
      7. The slide transitions do not work (I am using the gallery and flip transiitions)



      I want the presentation to be self-running and show the video graphic and the slide transitions. Is there a way to make this work? Isn't this supposed to be what Presenter does?

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          Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

          It may depend on how the template video is integrated.

          It is likely a video file, like an .avi or an .mp4 outside the actual PPT, no? I don't think you can embed such video directly into the PPT itself...

          When you got the PPT template, was it just one file, or a folder perhaps with a couple files?

          Look for a video file in that folder that is the actual movie.

          When you publish the presentation from Presenter, look in that folder for the same movie file.

          Is it present?


          So perhaps the issue is, the PPT template pulls in an externalized video for the background, but Presenter doesn't realize it's external, so when it publishes, it neglects to pull that file from the PPT location....?

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Erik, is correct. If you want a video asset in the presentation after publishing with Presenter, insert the video through the import video tool in Presenter.


            Slide transitions are not supported by Presenter.


            Also, please run the updates to 7.0.6 or install 7.0.7 if you haven't.