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    Deinterlacing for newbies

    bhra0 Level 1

      I know there have already been many topics about deinterlacing, but most of them are for professionals who have some practice in deinterlacing, and almost nothing for new guys like me.


      What I found out till now, is that there're two easiest methods to deinterlace your footage. First one is to right click on every single clip, choose "Field options">"Always deinterlace". It works well, but since my material consists of few hundreds little clips, it's not best for me.


      So here is the second option: I save the finished material in Adobe Premiere and than I import it to After Effects. Then I apply "Reduce Interlace Flicker" effect to the whole sequence from AP file, I set the value to 1.6 and that's it. The result is quite satisfying but there is one problem. It takes a very long time to render a video with this effect - almost two times longer than without it.


      Another way is the render the video in AP and then use HandBrake or VidCoder to deinterlace, but it also takes some time and the output video quality is not the best.


      So is there any other solution for newbies to deinterlace your footage? Maybe you could recommend any cheap plugin to AP, which can deinterlace all clips/whole track at once? Thank you in advance and forgive me if I wrote something stupid in this post - I am just the beginner.