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    Wit's end

    johnmangino Level 1

      Trying to use the GPU in After Effects.


      I have a Macbook Pro running a GeForce GT 300M.


      I have CUDA 4.2.7 running


      I have done the hack where you add the card to the raytracer_supported_cards.txt file and I have re-installed AE twice. (Making sure the card is still listed of course)


      Everytime I open AE it still tells me I do not have CUDA 4.0 or better. Is there an answer to this anywhere? I've looked in forums and I've googled quite a bit I cannot get a definitive answer.


      Does it just not work with the GT 300M?


      I don't want to dump 3 grand on a new machine if AE isn't going to work.


      But if it's just that the GPU doesn't work with CS6, fine. It is almost 3 years old which I know is ancient.

      I just want to make sure there is nothing I'm missing.


      Running CPU is almost useless in CS6.


      Thank you

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are not missing anything. The word "hack" just means what it implies - it could work, but there is no guarantees. For the rest I recommend Stu Mashwitz wonderful article on his blog (prolost.com) who so nicely summarizes the debacle. And of course even if you have a supported card, it's still not gonan be something to write home about. Pretty much any 3D program easily beats this AE raytrace stuff just running on CPU while providing much more creative options on top of it. Or more to the point: If you "dump 3 grand" on AE CS6 compliant hardware, for that money you could have gotten a new machine and a 3D software that does all of this better than AE's failed promises...



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            johnmangino Level 1

            Funny, I found Stu's post right after I posted this. He answered it perfectly.


            You bring up a good point and a debate I have been having. I was hoping I could keep it in AE. I'm not sure I woud use a dedicated 3d program enough to justify the cost.

            I figure it's upgrade time anyway. 3 years is a pretty good cycle time and any find of rendering has been fairly slow. Sticking with Mac or not is a question. Depends on what the new stuff is.


            But I haven't spent that money yet. So if you have suggestions I'd love to here them


            Thank you for the reply.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I'm not sure I woud use a dedicated 3d program enough to justify the cost.


              Blender is free. Cheetah 3D costs 99Euros. If I were a Mac user, the latter would be a total no-brainer, as it's essentially a Cinema 4D knock-off at a much lower price. Low enough to buy it no matter whether you use it once a month or every day. And then you can of course always go C4D Base and a few other programs like modo for instance. The entry hurdle is mostly having to learn them, not so much their cost.



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                johnmangino Level 1

                Dude! Thank you! I've never seen Cheetah. Not a fan of Blender but I like the C4D interface a lot.

                That's a great price and would definitely get me through until I feel like I've stepped up my game enough to go to C4D Prime. Which is nowhere near as expensive as I had thought.


                Thanks again!