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    Ajax Call in Sandbox

      I'm trying to make an Ajax call to a remote server from inside a non-application sandbox using the AIR 1.0 SDK.

      I have the allowcrossdomainxhr parameter of the non-application sandbox's IFRAME set to "yes."

      I can put this code in both sandboxes:

      var url = ' http://mydomain.com/samplepage.php';
      var ajaxCall = new XMLHttpRequest();
      if(this.readyState == 4){
      var r = this.responseText;
      var s = this.status;

      (The samplepage.php script simply outputs "TEST.")

      In the application sandbox, this code returns "TEST" as the value of r, and the value of s (the call's status) is 200. In the non-application sandbox, however, the value of r is empty, and the value of s is zero. The readyState does indeed equal four in both instances.

      This happens regardless of the value or the presence of allowcrossdomainxhr.

      Am I missing something regarding the privileges granted by allowcrossdomainxhr?