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    pagemaker 2.0

    Jay Chevako Level 3

      Yes I know this is a very long shot, but can anyone convert what I believe are mac pagemaker 2 documents to pm 6.5/ 7 and or to Indesign (any version).  Nothing critical here, but would make a friend's father happy.

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Jay, I know I must have somewhere the floppies of either PM 2 or 3 for Mac, but it would not be easy to find them. And if I did find them, none of my present computers has a floppy drive anyway. I do have an external one with an USB connection which I could perhaps use (if my present Mac recognizes it; there is no driver with it) but I seem to remember that it only works with HD floppies, which I would say are newer than PM 3.


          While I was writing this, I remembered where I had my PM 4.2 floppies, and yes, they are the DD, not the HD type. And I have just checked and my external floppy drive does work with my Mac, but it does not see DDs. Bad luck.


          I may have copied images of the old disks somewhere, probably in HDs that I no longer use and wouldn't be too easy to read. If you have an old Mac where you could install and run any ancient version of PM, I would be willing to try finding them, but not in a hurry. Let me know.

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            John_Levine_IOPHFI_INH Level 2

            Hi Claudio!


            Jay was looking into this for me...


            I have 20 YO Macs, and would appreciate i you could find an old version that I could try to install. I OWN an old version, but can't find it... I have an SEs, SE/30s, Quadras... I got a couple of Mac IIs... I have old floppy drives, too. Seriously, anything you could dig up would be great!

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              Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

              John, I would be most happy if I could help you. In the menatime, my subconscious has been working on this and I now see that it wouldn't be very useful to find the original installation disks or physical copies of them. I have no way of reading them, so the only way to make them available to you would be phisically send them. I don't know how it is from here to there, but from there to here it woul be expensive in shipping costs, and in almost certain customs fees. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, I frequently buy for my wife expensive biological texts in Amazon; and I usually end by paying more for the shipping, handling and duties than for the books themselves.


              As soon as I have the time, I'll take a look at some olf HDs where I most probably have copies/images of the floppies (don't remember now how I did it, but I do remember having reinstalled old programs using such copies). That's all I can promise.


              If you have a better idea, please let me know. Incidentally, I don't remember but, is it possible that PM 4.2 may read v. 2 files?

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                John_Levine_IOPHFI_INH Level 2

                Thanks Claudio! My first thought was images, also. As I told Jay, don't knock yourself out. I am going to continue to look through all of my stuff for my copy, and will post if I find it.


                As far as what versions read v. 2, I really can't say. I was never a big PM user, and only had it to open files that people provided to me. (I was a Quark user until ID CS came out)


                Thanks again for your time!

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                  Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                  John, please see private message.

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                    John_Levine_IOPHFI_INH Level 2

                    Been a while since I've been in here, Claudio. Where do I find PMs?

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                      Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

                      Choose Private Messages in the pulldown menu under Your Stuff.



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                        John_Levine_IOPHFI_INH Level 2

                        Found it, got it, replied to it, and via email!


                        You're the best!