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    Mapping structured FM8 elements to RH7

      My dept. just upgraded from Structured FM7 and Webworks Pro 2003 and are now updating our EDD and templates preparing to make the move to the recently purchased FM8 and Robohelp 7.
      Here's the lowdown on our current setup:
      - All formatting is handled by elements in the EDD (no formatting is handled through the use of paragraph tags)
      - Elements have been written so that there are a small number of elements that use multiple context rules (the idea behind this is to have less maintenance points)
      Now that we are making the move to RH 7, I have found that you cannot map elements to RH7 paragraph styles. RH7 requires paragraph tags for mapping.
      At least this is my understanding. Has anyone successfully found a way to map a structured element to a RH7 style?
      If I can't map directly, I plan on adding Paragraph Tag references to each element so that when the elment is inserted into a doc, a para tag is automatically applied. This seems to be the easiest rout ... has anyone found an easier way.
      Thank you for any help.