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    Help with auto indexing


      Hi all,


      just wondering with your collective knowledge about Indesign whether there is a solution to the following problem. Basically the situation is this : I produce a book each year called Fragrances of the World. It’s essentially a database of just about every fragrance you can imagine that has been categorised into 14 different families based on its smell and ingredients. The finished product is (currently) a 244 page hardcover casebound book with tabs on every page for easy reference. The unique thing from a designers point of view is that there is over 100 pages of indexes alone. These indexes have been broken down into masculine, feminine and house indexes and arranged alphabetically for masculine and feminine and chronologically for house. The first half of the book I call the family pages and has been set up as one Indesign file. The second half of the book which I call indexes is another Indesign file.


      The problem is when I am updating the book with new fragrances, deletions etc for the next edition the page flow changes. In years gone by it’s a manual check and update of page numbers and is just an absolute nightmare. It takes forever! What I am looking for is a way that each fragrance name will automatically update the page number in the indexes whenever there is a page shift. When you are dealing with more than 8000 fragrances you can probably understand why this job takes such a long time to produce manually.


      The artwork has evolved over many years from Quark 3 to CS6. There have been many changes with fonts and style sheets. Each line uses nested styles based on whether it’s a masculine or feminine which is a big time saver - especially if we change fonts. It is a file that has evolved and will contine over the years ahead. If there is an automatic page number index update assigned to every fragrance somehow that has to be manually added then so be it. Short term pain for long term gain. I’m just stumped as to how to do it.


      If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.


      To get more of an understanding of what i am talking about go to http://www.fragrancesoftheworld.com and click on the orange “Look Inside” bubble for a snapshot of the publication.