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    Clarification of funtionality

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      I have two JS files open, which are only superficially related.  One is just like a bag-o-functions sort of thing, the other is a "class" file (sort of, our JS is never going to win any awards).  Within the class file there a re numerour references to TheClass.someProperty.  If I hold down the CTRL key and mouse-hover over either "TheClass" or "someProperty", I get it underlined.  If I click on the underline, my code window relocates to the other file, and highlights some text.  For each link, it’s always the same text, but the text bears no relation or relevance to the code that the link came from.



      Also, once the code is highlighted with a link, even if I move the mouse off it, the link stays.



      So... err... basically "WTH is going on?" is my question, I guess.