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    Probable bug with "Open Resource" (SHIFT_CTRL-R)

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      One of the handiest features of Eclipse is "Open Resource" (SHIFT-CTRL-R by default).  It allows one to quickly locate any file in open projects, and open it.  If one has a file name selected in the editor window, it’ll even default to finding that file.  Handy.



      CFB’s implementation of this seems to be slightly broken.



      In the Java perspective and the CFE one, the look-up is always done throughout all open projects.  Good.  In CFB, it seems to only look in the most recently clicked directory in the navigator.  I think.  Whatever it’s doing, it sometimes checks the open projects, sometimes it only checks in a subdir (and not necessarily the dir of the file one currently has focused in the editor).



      It’d be a lot better if it didn’t mess with Eclipse’s default behaviour.



      Is there any way to bypass CFB’s functionality and return to Eclipse’s own behaviour?  Or can we just get rid of CFB’s modifications to this behaviour?  Or at least get an explanation as to why it was modified?