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    Cannot use Dreamweaver CS6 because of "running for long time" script issue

    designchiefkm Level 1

      Started getting this error yesterday, it’s killing me....


      Dialog box says: "A script in file ~:Applications:ADOBE CS6:Adobe Dreamweaver CS6:Configuration:Shared:BC:JS:bc_sites.js has been running for a long time.  Do you want to continue?"


      The message keeps persisting almost everytime I try to edit something, the Yes or No options don’t seem to do anythin other than remove the dialogue box temporarily.


      Searched for a solution to this but only found unanswered questions, so I uninstalled the app, re-installed it and all seemed to be ok for a short while and now the issue is back.


      I’m using business catalyst and like the improved imtegration, but this is broken!!


      Please Help..