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    Hyperlinks in XML import/export?

    PlainMartin Level 1

      Is it possible to export HTML-style - <a href="http://www.target.com/>link</a> - links from an InDesign document to XML - or will I need to use "Export to Dreamweaver" [CS5] / "Export to HTML" [CS6] for this?


      I have created a simple InDesign document with some hyperlinks, defined and assigned styles and tags, mapped everything and exported the document to XML. The tag structure results in a well-formed XML file, but hyperlinks are not exported.


      Same question for importing hyperlinks.


      (I understand that hyperlinks are not an inherent XML feature, but an HTML construct, so I'm ready to jump through some extra hoops here. The question is if this can be done at all, because simply mapping the <a> tag to some InDesign paragraph or character format obviously won't export/import the actual link, which is the value of the href attribute.)


      Thanks in advance!