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    AIR IOS VOD streaming help


      Hey Guys


      Our company has been using flex for ages developing web apps for internal and external use. with one of our apps (which we delivery video over RTMP ) we are looking to move it to the IOS AIR platform as some of our clients are now on IPADS.


      So my problem...


      The other day i fired up FB4.6 started building my first IOS app, got it all signed and transfered which worked great! next step to play a basic video and seek to a point in it....AH! after hours of banging my head against the desk i found RTMP isn't supported on IOS and that i need to use HTTP. so as im not a video streaming expert ive hit my first stumbling block and started to read up on HDS, HLS and different way to get the content streaming.


      to be honest im totally lost at this point ive been reading different articles about converting videos, and hosting etc. if some one could help me to the best approach to start with, that would be great. also i would be happy to speak to someone for some consultation (paid obviously) if any experts are interested


      as we stand at the moment our requirement is to play a video of "X" length on the IOS platform using adobe air, with the ability to seek to ANY point on the video(progressive is a big no no).