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    unable to launch fireworks

      I have been using Fireworks MX for little over 4 years now and i have never had a problem before, but yesterday i tried to start up fireworks to get the error message after the splash screen "Unable to launch fireworks. An internal error occurred." i have searched multiple forums for help but nothing has worked (iv tried uninstalling itunes and quicktime) but nothing works, Flash, Dreamweaver and Freehand 10 all still work fine, It might be handy to know that i am running Windows XP, i dont have the internet so i know that nothing has been updated therefore caunsing this error. The only thing i can think is i copied a folder "cover" into my program files rather than installing the software, it did not run so i deleted the folder. This may have nothing to do with it but it is the only thing i have done since Fireworks last worked

      Please Help!
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          gazefc83 Level 1
          my cousin tried to help me out by trying to install his Fireworks CS3 on my computer to see if this would launch but half way through the setup we get this message

          screen dump here

          Any idea why its in foriegn and what it means, This is really starting to annoy especially as this software doesnt come cheap
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            Gayle Duncan
            gazefc83, I believe that message is telling you that you need to quit Internet Explorer for the installation to continue. It looks like you were downloading something using IE when you got the message. You'll need to close all IE windows (and it's a good idea to close all other running programs) before you install Fireworks.

            However, I have no idea why the error is in Italian.