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    Save as File Format  miss aligned

    Graemezee1 Level 1

      When saving as  in photoshop CS6 on a mac pro  Lion 10.7.4  The File format are inncorect  I save as a tiff and get sct  I have to save as Photoshop DCS1.0 to get a tiff file  If there are a wider range of file formats available when saving an rgb formattted image  it is some times very difficult to work out which option to choose presently saving everything as psd as it is simpler.


      Also when opening files, the enable selection box is alway set to a blank  and i have to scroll down to the last two option to get "all readerble documents"   or "all documents"


      Any one eles having thes issues I have added the odd file formatt they seeme to work fine but could i assume be casusing an issue.


      File Formats:














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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Let me guess...you either copied abunch of plug-ins from an older install or pointed CS6 to your earlier plg-ins folder?


          You can't mix and match old Photoshop plug-ins with the new CS6. Either remove all the older plug-ins or uncheck the option to point to another plug-ins folder. If you have 3rd party plug-ins you want in CS6, the best process to get them installed is download the most recent versions and use the developer's installers.

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            Graemezee1 Level 1

            Yes you are partially correct  I did go to each of the developers site and download the latest versions of the plugins  Just forgot i will have to wait a few months before they will catch up.   But to be fair the files format plugins have been fairly forgiving in previous versions obviously not in this.  I keep on having to remind myself just why i have  all these versions of photoshop on my machine.


            Never mind  its great paying for a the complete work flow solution  that falls down beacuse thirdparty developers are not up to speed ie Font Management maybe that something you should bring in house

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              Level 7

              Third party plugins probably won't cause this -- the usual cause is copying Adobe plugins from a previous version of Photoshop.