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    No glyphs for specific font

    dmperkins74 Level 1

      Hi everybody!


      I'm using 5.5 and trying to embed a font. In the font embedding window, there are a couple of fonts (one of them is "Schooltext" that don't appear to have any glyphs in the character ranges window (ie, it says "Uppercase[A...Z"] (0/27 glyphs)") where it SHOULD say "27/27" like it does for other fonts. Basically, none of the glyphs will embed.


      Any idea how I can get these fonts to embed?


      Any help appreciated,

      Dan P.

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          esdebon Level 4

          Some Fonts only has the capital letters or only have the lower case, use another font or assigned texts changing them to lower case first.



          TextField.text = ('this is the text to show'). toLowerCase ();

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            dmperkins74 Level 1

            Thanks, but nope, this one's got both caps and lowercase.

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              Having glyphs and having validly readable glyphs can be 2 different things. Flash will use any glyphs it can read from any particular font.


              You might want to see if you can convert the font from one format to another just to test, e.g. OTF to TTF or vice versa. Flash may play nicer if repacked properly.


              Does Photoshop or other Adobe apps work with this font properly?


              Also Flash doesn't always consider glyphs that are clearly supported as properly marked for your system codepage. e.g. this forum is using this font sequence:


              body { font-family: AdobeCleanRegular,"Helvetica Neue",Arial,sans-serif }


              Now we know Arial has support for multibyte as does most excessively common multi-OS fonts. So when I print some Chinese[您好], Korean[안녕], Russian[Привет всем], etc you will see the glyphs. But embed Arial and the glyphs will not show in a dynamic textfield even when you include ALL glyphs. That requires using something like Flash Builder which can embed specific ranges of externally loaded fonts.