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    Invalid Digital Signature


      I have a PDF that was supplied to me by the federal dovernment.  I had to make a modification to it in that it did not contain any signature fields, so I added 4 of them.


      So, I eSign the document....


      In the signature panel (Adobe Reader X v10.1.0) I can see that my signature was applied, but that it is invalid. 

      The signature states, "There have been changes made to this document that invalidate the signature."


      Note, nothing has been done to the document singe it was signed.....


      So I "Click to View This Version" for that signature field.  The version shows up and I click "View Report"


      I get the following information:


      This document contains some contrtucts such as form field, multimedia, or JavaScript which could affect its appearance.  Such content is suppressed in preview document mode.


      Report Codes:

      1001 - Comment on Form Field may silently change - The document contains non-signature form fields. Such fields' visual appearances may change based on external variables.


      1008 - Document Contains hidden behavior - Disallowed action type: JavaScript. The document contains hidden actions that may not be intended or known by the end user. Actions include JavaScript actions (document open, save, etc.), playing multimedia, executing a menu item, etc.


      So, my assumption is that the signature worked correctly, but there are some things in the document's structure that causes the signature to be automatically invalidated when the document is opened.


      So, my questions are:

      1) Is my assumption aorrect, that there are elements in teh document that are causing its signatures to be automatically invalidated when its opened?

      2) If so, How do I determine what these elements are and is there a way I can remove them?

      3) If this is not the cause of the problem, what else can I do to determine what's going on?