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    Problem with table borders

    jmt111 Level 1

      I have a few cells in my web site that are too wide or tall and that will not shrink when displayed in IE, even though I have manually compressed their borders to the maximum in DW. These in particular are giving me an issue:


      1. There is too much space above and below “Scriptures” at http://tellerbooks.com/faith.htm. I tried pushing the table border below it and above it to the maximum, but to no avail.


      1. There is a lot of space above and below the “individual subjects” row of the table at http://tellerbooks.com/misc/study_guides.htm.


      1. The column in the table with the Title, Series, Year, etc., at http://tellerbooks.com/books/study_guides/Contracts_and_Sales.htm is pushed about half an inch to the right of the book image. This problem only appears when viewed in IE; Google Chrome correctly flushes the text left against the image.


      How can I get these table borders to move?


      Thank you

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start by using Find & Replace (Ctrl+F) to strip out height attributes from  your <table> and <td> tags. 

          Content determines actual height.


          Look for any empty <p> or heading tags and delete them as these can add unwanted whitespace.


          Finally, validate your code and fix errors related to unbalanced or improperly nested tags as these can adversely effect a layout.






          Nancy O.

          Alt-Web Design & Publishing

          Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists 


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            jmt111 Level 1

            For the page http://tellerbooks.com/books/study_guides/Contracts_and_Sales.htm, I was able to get the column width to be the right size by pulling the right table border slightly to the right. Also, selecting the drop down menu under the column width and selecting “Clear Column Width” caused the table to display correctly in IE and Google Chrome, but in DW, a ½” wide space appeared between the image and the text. I did not like this solution because I wanted the table to appear correctly in both DW and my browser.


            For the page http://tellerbooks.com/faith.htm, I modified <td height="30" colspan="3"> to <td colspan="3">, but it did not change all the white space above and below “Scripture.” I also did not find any superfluous paragraph marks. The row height remains much taller than the actual content. Validator’s codes are like Greek to me.

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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP



              what concerns faith.htm and if I understand you in the right way, you could try this:


              <table width="464" border="0" cellpadding="0"> instead of

              <table width="464" border="0" cellpadding="7">.



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                hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What concerns Contracts_and_Sales.htm:


                I used "shift drag" and got a smaller size, close to your "... thumb-intermed.jpg". Because there remained this not identified gap in the line of the measures (I couldn't close it):




                so I believe it would be better to use % instead of px for the whole table.


                Good luck!


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                  hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Allow me to make one brief point, as a sidemark for only a few of your image files, "1.The Republic (Plato) 3_thumb.jpg" e.g.


                  Please don't use spaces in image, folders or filenames. Spaces get converted %20 which leads to problems. You can use underscores or dashes if needed for a visual separation of your terms. And if I'm not mistaken, search engines have problems with blanks. And I quote Murray: ... Whatever the details are, though, using spaces in filenames or paths is a bad practice which WILL lead to problems.



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                    jmt111 Level 1

                    This suggestion makes everything in the page tighter. However, I want all of

                    the spacing the same, just all the white space above and below the word

                    Scriptures to be reduced. It seems all this white space is superfluous and

                    is not present in the other rows.

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                      hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I fear I don't understand or I don't see the white space(s). Please give me a screenshot and mark the place in questi0n with a sign (You now I use little arrows) ))



                      I've to anser via eMail. Do you see this message too: "The Adobe Community Forums are being updated!"

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                        jmt111 Level 1

                        I find the problem does not display on another computer running IE 7. The issue may not be displaying on your browswer as you may have a different browser than me. I find the issue in IE 8.0.7601.