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    Bleed Size, Trim Size, Type Size?  Help!!!

    Teapot Drama

      Hello, quick question, I'm normally a web designer but we have a couple of print jobs in.


      I've been asked for the following.


      Bleed size, (281x216mm)  fine

      Trim size, (275x210mm) fine

      Type size......  (257x172mm) um...


      Is this the area in which the type should sit....?  If so, that sort of screws up my designs....



      Thanks in advance, TD

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I would interpret that Type Size dimension as the "safe area" in which all important information should be located, but it would help to know more about the project since the dimension listed is quite a bit smaller than would be generated by subracting the bleed allowance from the trim size (how you normally calculate the safe zone), and would suggest margin settings instead.