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    ID 5.5 crash, then all my font links are gone.


      I'm opening a file that I edited before, with no problems.
      Now I had to use this same file, but replace the language in it - easy peasy.

      The problem is that, in the very few minutes I start working on it, ID is crashing.
      So I open it again, and voala: all text is highlighted in light PINK...
      Before crash, everything was fine, all text were great, with no alerts on it (pink or yellow)...

      I tried to do a package of this file. So the fonts would be saved in a separated folder.

      All fonts I see in there, were .PFB and .PFM extentions.

      I'm no expert in font management whatsoever... all the fonts I use are installed in my windows fonts folder...


      Can someone help me with that??