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    $$PlaceHolder$$ in  RH7 HTML output

      Help!. We have recently upgraded from RH6 to RH7 (as part of Adobe Tech Comm Suite). Opening a RH6 project with RH7 all seems OK (topics, template, TOC, etc.) until I try closing and/or saving a topic. At this point -even if I've made no changes to the topic nor to the template- I am noticed that changes have been made to the header and footer and I am prompted to "apply the modification" to either "all the topics created from the template" or "only to the current topic". No matter what option I choose, every time I work with the same topic/s I have to repeat the whole process. Then, when I generate the HTML output, the text "$$PlaceHolder$$" appears instead of the header and footer. All the other features (Topic contents, TOC, Glossary, Browse sequences) are displayed properly. Note that header and footer look OK in Preview mode!
      About configurations: I have unistalled RH 6 before installing RH7; RH7 is version 7.01.001; my OS is Windows XP Pro (2002 with SP2).
      I don't know what to do other than going back to RH6. Please help!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi VernaH and welcome to the RH community.

          There wouldn't be some sort of variable in the template (e.g. a date/time) that would be updating without you knowing and forcing the behaviour you are experiencing?
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            VernaH Level 1
            I do have the date (set to Auto-update) in the footer. My header is empty. But it was like this in RH6 and never gave me any problems. And anyway, the date would update from one day to the other, not after minutes of having saved the same topic.
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              VernaH Level 1
              Colum, thank you! You did point me in the right direction! I have removed the option "Auto-update this field" from the date in my footer, then re-applied the template to all the topics and generated the HTML output. And, voila', all looks as it should! And no more prompts neither.
              But, this is surely a BUG, don't you think? Thansk again!
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                I'd say this was a bug in RH6 that has been fixed in RH7. Think about it for a second. A template is just standard text that can be applied to a topic. If that template contains a variable, it will update the topic when you apply it. As with any template change in RH6 you asked whether to apply it to all topic using the template.
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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  Thinking about it, maybe you'd want to submit a feature request using this link. Just ask for an option for template containing variables not to update the template when applied to a topic. Adobe do listen to such requests and you may help other users with similar requirements.
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                    VernaH Level 1
                    Done! Thanks again.
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                      We have the same issue... the auto-update Date field in the footer causes the template warning message in RH 7. We have never had this problem before (all the way back to RoboHelp 9 and X5). Colum, you wrote:

                      A template is just standard text that can be applied to a topic.

                      Well, that's partly true. A template is used to enforce headers, footers, and styles. Standard text, not included in a header and footer is only good once--if the template's body changes, that doesn't get pushed to topics (unless the standard text is included in a snippet); header and footer changes are pushed. So, I guess my point is that the templates are used to enforce a "corporate look". If you alter that look or delete standard text/variables, then you should be prompted with the warning. I'd imagine that for many authors, these warnings come as a surprise in RH 7. The content of the template really hasn't changed, just the value of a variable.