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    Export to XML and Reinport Aspect Issues

    GWeglarz Level 1

      I am testing out Plural Eyes, and one of the steps is to export to Final Cut XML. When I export the file, and then reimport, one of the video file's out put is stretched; in preview and in exporting.


      I have 1440x1080 .mpeg footage and 1920x1080 Cineform .avi footage. I have tried creating two sequences, one with the AVCHD 1920x1080 23.976 settings and one with the HDV 1440x1080 23.976 settings.


      When I export the sequences and reimport, the 1440x1080 .mpeg footage is stretched. This is just on export and import, no Plural Eyes step.


      Anybody else exerienced this?


      CS5.5 Production Premium, Alienware Auora i7 x980, 18GB Ram, 11TB Raid.