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    Cineform on Laptop vs new Desktop Build


      Hi there,


      I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop with CS 5.5 that I currently use for video editing DSLR and AVCHD footage (specs below). I've been considering building a semi-portable desktop for editing (made a thread here about it a while ago) but I'm still debating the financial impact of that route.


      There used to be a program offered by Cineform (NeoScene?) that would transcode H264 video to a more editable AVI with 4:4:4 chroma for $100. I can't seem to find that program now so perhaps things have changed now.


      Anyway, the question: Would it be more cost effective to purchase Cineform and set up my laptop more so for video editing; static pagefile, etc. OR would I still see so much better superior performance from building a $1500 or so  i72600k-based solution that I would just be wasting my time and money?


      Laptop Specs

      Dell XPS 15 L501

      i7 740Qm at 1.7GHz

      6 gigs RAM

      GeForce 435M (unlocked for Mercury Engine) (believe it has 2 gigs of ram, not sure)

      500GB HDD for OS and programs

      640GB HDD for Media, Projects, etc.

      One eSATA/USB combo

      (2) USB 3

      1366x768 display

      1920x1080 monitor via HDMI


      I used my laptop for a 13 minute short film this Spring, using mostly Premiere and AE. It worked, but there were some moments when things would go slowly and getting smooth playback was always an issue. But overall, it was tolerable.


      I will be working on a much more involved film this next semester, anywhere from 30 to an hour in length. Will scaling up the size of the project have a severe impact on performance?


      Thanks much,


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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Interesting, Cineform still had NeoScene as a separate product in their line a few months ago. I had a feeling it was likely phasing out. The equivalent now is Cineform Studio. However Studio does not unlock their 4 4 4 codec. You would need the Studio Premium for that. Also keep in mind their 4 4 4 codec uses some decent disk bandwidth. You may only get 1 layer at a time if that much on an internal mechanical 2.5 drive. The USB3 drives though should be able to handle it provided you have the correct USB3 firmware for that controller. The Desktop 2600K will give you a far higher workflow ceiling though over the laptop. This really comes down to how much you require a mobile editing solution.




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            i think it's time you need to build a desktop or micro atx platform board for your future need..


            what i realize as one of an issue when editing in a laptop, hard drive speed. you need SSD for your Operating System (the stock 2'5" only 5400rpm)

            and for the DATA either go for 7200RPM or you can use external RAID Hard drive for much better performance.

            and the CPU itself will be better if above 2Ghz.


            My mobile edit using Intel i7 2670 (2,2Ghz), 8Gb Ram, GeForce GT540M 2GB


            and currently building another portable system using a ThermalTake Armor A30 Case.. perhaps you might want to look into that case.. its a micro ATX which can fit full size ATX PSU and a high end Graphic Card

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ....consider Asus 17.3"  i7 3160 cpu laptop on sale at TDirect for fathers day for around $1,500....has 16GB men....you only have six....big difference......it has 750 GB hdd....you could sell that hdd and put two fast SATA III SSDs in the internal bays for max performance,or, if that 750 GB hdd is a seagate momentus XT,you can make it the data drive,while using fast ssd for boot,( OS and programs only.....with static pagefile on XT....or, add 3rd drive using USB 3 dock)

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                Kris_24 Level 1

                Actually, I just found NeoScene still seems to be available...it shows up when one Google searches "Cineform" but I still can't figure out how someone could navigate to the product page from the site itself; it seems to have been removed from the Product Grid. So, who knows?


                I actually meant 4:2:2, not 4:4:4 The latter is more than I need at this point.


                One thing I forgot to clarify in my original post; I'm planning on still keeping my laptop. My hope was to be able to separate out my everyday tasks (schoolwork, netflix, youtube, games, etc) and video editing/audio/graphics work. I would still keep my laptop as a mobile editing solution for smaller projects. After all, Adobe lets us have two installs so I'd want to take advantage of that, eh?


                Unfortunately, it looks less and less likely that I will be able to justify the expense this summer. Perhaps in the winter I will be able to use part of my movie's budget for a system build, but that's pure speculation at this point.


                Thanks for the suggestions guys!