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    Live Copy Inheritance issues, Rollout Configuration Questions and General Live Copy Know-How


      CQ 5.4

      We are using live copies within a single website structure.  It's sort of a multi-site scenario w/in one website.  We have our full set of Product pages in one branch and then live copies of these product sets and pages under other branches (called Solutions).


      Product Pages:

      | content | x | Products | Categories | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1 (Base page)

      Solution Branches:

      | content | x | Products | Solutions | Education | Products | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1           (live copy of | content | x | Products | Categories | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1)

      | content | x | Products | Solutions | Healthcare | Products | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1          (live copy of | content | x | Products | Categories | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1)

      In these Solution branches the 'Seating' level is also a live copy. 

      For example - the '| content | x | Products | Solutions | Education | Seating' page is a live copy of '| content | x | Products | Categories | Seating'.


      We are having inconsistent behavior on some of the live copies. 

      For example - changes made to the base page of Chair 1 are not being inherited by the live copies of this page. 


      One thing that is consistent is that the live copy pages with inheritance issues all have the following status message:

      Blueprint page | content | xxx | Products | Categories | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair 1has been modified since last rollout. Live Copy page {1} contains paragraphs or properties for which inheritance has been cancelled.


      Where as the live copies that do inherit as expected have this status message:

      Live Copy page | content | x | Products | Solutions | Education | Products | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1 is up-to-date with it's Blueprint page | content | x | Products | Categories | Seating | Work Chairs | Chair1 and it contains paragraphs or properties for which inheritance has been cancelled.


      Why do some live copies have the 'Blueprint ...' status vs the 'Live Copy ...' message noted above?  What could be the difference in these situations?  We have not done anything to the base pages to designate them as blueprints per se.  Just by the nature of the fact that they are selected as the base page for live copied pages.  We haven't done any setup on the Administrative side - all of this is done thru Author.


      The properties where inheritance has been broken are page properties - it is very unusual to have inheritance broken on any of the page components.  For example the chair's thumbnail image might be different in the live copies.


      All of our pages have been created in a similar manner - we don't know why most have "working" inheritance whereas a handful of others do not.  We have recreated the base pages and the live copies on these troubled pages and the inheritance issues remain.   


      We wonder if this could be true:  When the base pages were updated in mid April there was some type of technical issue going on that caused the initial non-working inheritance situation (not sure if there actually was a technical issue b/c the fact that the changes didn't roll down to the copies wasn't uncovered until a couple of days later - so this statement is just trying to explain why inheritance might not have worked when the original changes to the base pages were made). 


      We couldn't get inheritance working on these handful of pages (other pages and their live copies did work fine once we just went back into the base page and changed something to trigger a modification (add/remove a space in a text box for example)). 


      So we deleted the live copies and the base pages and recreated the base pages.  Now when the live copies are deleted CQ 'remembers' that they were once there as they come up as an option to select via the 'Missing Pages' list.  When recreating the live copies we tried both situations:  Selecting from the Missing Pages list and then again by browsing for the base page to create the new live copy.  Both methods ended in the same results - inheritance still doesn't work on these pages.  Is CQ 'remembering' the original page and not really giving us a new live copy relationship?  We need to keep the page names the same as when they were originally created as it is the product name so we would like CQ to forget that they were ever there to see if that helps reset these relationships.  Is this possible somehow behind the scene?




      We also have Rollout Configuration questions ...  We are currently set up w/ 'Push on Modify' as our configuration.  Though this setup is not ideal b/c you have to go thru and manually activate the live copies when the base page is activated.  I am not sure of the reason behind using this as the standard configuration but 99% of the time we really would like the live copies activated when the base is activated.  I'm thinking we should really have 'Activate on Blueprint Activation', and 'Deactivate on Blueprint Deactivation'.  But the documentation is not very clear in this area and it would be really nice to see examples of these different configurations and why you'd want to use them (in the documentation).  What additional benefit does 'Push on Modify' gain us if we have 'Activate on Blueprint Activation' set?  I'm thinking that we don't need 'Push on Modify' if we have 'Activate on Blueprint Activation'.




      In General:

      Are there known issues w/ Live Copy functionality that might explain some of our issues or inconsistent behavior?

      Are our Live Copy issues caused by how we implemented them?

      Are there better methods of using Live Copies or other functionality (Reference Components?) to efficiently support our multi-solution / multi-category** approach to our products?


      **some products are in multiple categories under the same branch.  For example Chair 1 might be under the Seating | Work Chairs category and also the Seating | Dining Chairs category.  The Dining Chairs | Chair 1 page is a live copy of the Work Chairs | Chair 1 page.  So in this case the live copy is w/in the same branch as the base page.




      Is this the best place to have this conversation?  We did consult on this topic (can we use live copies in this way?) w/ a technical consultant at the onset of our implementation and they said 'sure you can use it that way!'.  But now we are not so sure ...