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    Button to affect animation in Movie Clip (As2)

    Design-is-BS Level 1

      I am making a website for my portfolio and have run into a snag. I have a setup where there is a list of buttons (pages) that are spanning out from a content window. The content window is a MC (IllusCont) and the pages are, obviouslly, buttons I will be talking about just one (IllusSlide1). When the user clicks on "IllusSlide1" I have setup a test where the content window turns blue. However I am no able to find a way to make this happen. I have tried everyway I know possible, which is limited because I am only a novice at this.

      I am using the code below which is used directly on "IllusSlide1". "blueMC" is simply a frame where the content box turns blue.

      Does that make sense?