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    SWF stage border issue


      I am new to the forums, but couldnt find an answer to this using search. I was wondering if anyone out here new a work around to an issue I am having.


      I am currently working on a project for a client, and they want the final animation send to them in a swf. We ran into a little problem where things that are not perfectly cut off inside the border are showing in their flash player. I attached an image below.


      I am used to just making things image sequences that I always just paint my backgrounds a little larger than the actual stage border. The only fix I know is to manually crop everything to fit perfectly inside the resolution border my clients want. Is there any other way to make a swf ignore whats outside the border?


      Thank for any help

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          esdebon Level 4

          You can use a mask


          if you are exporting to images or image sequence, all elements must be inside the stage, in all frames


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            adninjastrator Level 4

            Sure, a mask is useful if you want to display the .swf in a <div> container larger than the stage (but why?), not at all neccessary if you set the display dimensions of the container <div> to match the stage size.

            So while testing your .swf with Control/Enter you may be seeing a full screen display... stuff off the sides of the stage......remember, that's only testing the .swf...NOT its display on an HTML page. So set the <div> dimensions to match the stage size and that will act the same as the mask... making the mask in Flash not needed.

            To summerize, you do NOT need to mask the stage to eliminate off stage content, simply set the dimensions of the HTML container (the <div>) to match the stage size.

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