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    How do i get the free upgrade from CS5 to CS6?

    BMandarino Level 1

      I bought my Photoshop CS5 on April21st with the promise of getting a free upgrade to CS6 when it was released. Then i was told i would receive an e-mail with a coupon code or voucher to get the free CS6 upgrade, but i haven't received anything yet. How do i get the free CS6 upgrade?

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          richardk32 Level 1

          Exactly the question I had. Promos at the time said late May. Can't get any later than 5/31. So, what's the story, Adobe?

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            Stephen P Simpson Level 1



            I qualified for a downloadable complimentary upgrade to Audition CS6 from the boxed version of Audition 

            CS5.5 Upgrade. If, like me, you are not a volume license customer, you won't be notified - you'll have 

            to request the upgrade.


            This page will help you:




            All the best,



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              BMandarino Level 1

              That was helpful, but it still didn't tell me how i could request the upgrade. It just said that within ten days of my purchase date or after CS6 was released, an e-mail would be sent. Obviously i didn't get one, but i still haven't found any place to request anything.

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                BMandarino please see the following documents.


                Claim your complimentary CS6 upgrade | Purchases from Adobe - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/upgrade-policy-product-announcement2.htm l


                Claim your complimentary CS6 upgrade | Purchases from resellers, Adobe - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/upgrade-policy-product-announcement1.htm l


                Depending on your region and how you purchased your software will depend on which one is relevant to you.

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                  BMandarino Level 1

                  Once again, i have looked at that page but it doesn't answer my inital question. The problem is that i was never sent the coupon code you must enter when checking out. I never recieved an e-mail, or any other notice and when i try to simply select CS6 and check out, the price never drops to $0.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    BMandarino for such a specific inquiry you will want to work with our support team.  You can find the available options available for the weekend by going to Adobe.com and selecting Help and selecting Contact Us.

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                      Stephen P Simpson Level 1



                      I felt that the process of getting a complementary upgrade wasn't made as obvious as it could be, but it is quite simple when you know how.

                      In my case, I was never sent a Coupon Code as such; it was a specially-prepared link sent to me in an email. I can tell you how I went about getting the upgrade.


                      As already mentioned, I went to this page:




                      Under the section titled "I meet the requirements. How do I place my order?" are five region links for the Customer Support Portals. As I'm in the UK, I clicked on the UK link.


                      I was taken to a sign-in page to log in to my Adobe Account - that's not the forum username and password, at least, it's not in my case.

                      When I logged in, I was presented with a form to fill in - it's called "Submit a Post-Announce Upgrade Request".

                      The form had my name and address already filled in at the top. I had to fill in:

                      The Current Product Serial Number;

                      The Adobe Order Number, if purchased direct from Adobe - which it had been.


                      N.B. When I was shipped my Audition CS5.5 boxed product, there were loads of reference numbers for all sorts of things on the invoice. It's very important to type in the Adobe Order Number, and not some other number, because I think that you only get one chance to put in an upgrade request per serial number.

                      If I had bought from a reseller, there was the option to attach an electronic copy of the sales receipt.

                      Further on down the page were the usual Name, Address and Telephone Number fields that had to be filled in. I then pressed the "Review Case & Submit" button. I checked over the details that I had typed in. I pressed the "Submit case" button. I was then presented with a page that gave me a Case Number, and said that I'd receive an email within 1 to 3 working days. That email would tell me whether I'd qualify for the upgrade.


                      About 3 working days later I received an email titled "Adobe Case Update and Feedback Opportunity".

                      The email told me two main things:


                      That my Support Case was now closed;

                      That I was eligible for the upgrade.

                      It went on to say:


                      "Since you have purchased the product directly from Adobe store, you will receive an email that contains a coupon and instructions. The instructions direct you to Adobe.com. Select the electronic download of the CS6 upgrade for the product you purchased, and add it to your cart. The price of the product will appear as $0. During the checkout process, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card information. The upgrade price, however, remains $0."


                      Nowhere on this email did it mention how long I would have to wait for the next email. Fortunately I had read on the page that I've already linked to above (under "How long does it take to approve my request?") that I would have to wait from 8 to 10 working days.


                      I had to wait 14 (working + non-working) days in total before I received an email with the heading "Complimentary upgrade to Creative Suite 6". In it was a link to the Adobe store, which must have contained a special code embedded in it. If I remember correctly, I used it to log in to my Adobe Account and I was taken to the appropriate Adobe Store page. At no time did I type in a coupon code. From there I just followed whatever instructions there were. My upgrade was a download, so I was taken to a download page

                      which also told me the serial number for the product.


                      The download took an age to get working properly, but the problem was to do with the fact that I use Firefox with NoScript, and GetRight as a download manager. The Adobe site provided the Akamai Download Manager which I couldn't get to work, and the site didn't like GetRight either - I couldn't get the download to start. I had to disable GetRight in my browser and download without any ability to resume in case of an interruption, which actually was successful.


                      At about this point I received a couple of emails: one, an Order Acknowledgement, the other contained the serial number.


                      From what I've written, the whole process might look worse than it actually is, but it's really not too bad; the only thing that I couldn't understand was why I had to wait two weeks for my download when Adobe had all my proofs of ownership and identity. Heck, when I ordered the boxed upgrade of Audition CS5.5 it arrived in a shorter time than my download link did.

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                        BMandarino Level 1

                        Thank you, i appreciate your help. It did seem a little complicated, but once you explained it, it made sense. It was just difficult because i was frustrated; i had contacted Adobe and they were no help, ironically. But i submitted my request, thank you again.