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    Export vs. Media Queue


      Since CS5.5, we've had a problem where exporting via media queue was exponentially slower than simply choosing export. I was hoping with CS6 that would be different...but alas, it still acts the same way. Maybe there's a setting or something simple I'm not aware of. I did search the forums but was unsuccessful in finding anything resolute (admittedly I could have just completely overlooked it. If so, I submit to however many lashes are necessary). Here's the scenario:

      Running Win 7 x64 (current updates), and latest version of CS6 (ran updater this morning, no new updates). We have 2 windows computers running production premium, and have seen the same behavior in both. Both are running with an i7, around 3 Ghz, and have 12 gig of ram. Internally however, they differ slightly in GPU (still both NVidia, mine is default mercury supported, the other is not but we modified the txt file to add the older card), and other hardware.


      For this test, I took a DVCPROHD 720 30p clip (about 3 minutes long) and exported it as a YouTube 720p HD  h.264 preset while starting a stopwatch. Took 2 minutes, 54 seconds. I turned around and took the same clip with same settings, but sent to queue and rendered it. Even with preview turned off, it took 10 minutes and 54 seconds. Ouch.


      On our other computer, we did not do the same test, but we tried both exporting and sending to queue and saw the same behavior with what we tried.

      I am aware not all people are experiencing this...but is there a magic phrase or something to fix this with? Or is this a known issue that is being worked on, or...


      Other than that, we haven't had any problems with CS6 and we loves it bunches .


      EDIT: Of course after I post this, I see a related topic from a year ago on my right. Ah well...I'll leave this for now since it's relating to CS6.