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    Stopping Audio Recording before out point crashes?


      Using cs5.5 and running everything out and in through a Matrox MX02 LE with MAX


      Playing out video and audio from Premiere's Matrox timeline through the matrox box and to an audio booth through hd SDI. audio is coming back through embedded HD SDI through the matrox and into the pc and audio only is being recorded.


      If I set an In and Out point and record from one to the other fully the recording will be fine, everything works and I can playback with the recorded tracks under the previously edited footage. 


      The problem is if the talent messes up and I have to stop mid record and go back the audio is saved and I can save the project but I cannot play anything and when i try to do anything premiere locks up and crashes.

      When i restart the program everything is there again and i can resume recording.


      This however is a giant pain and not something that should be happening.


      I'm wondering if adobe just assumed that all recording would go from in to out and when it hits the out point there is a command prompt that shuts everything down properly but when you stop it manually it just cuts and the program doesnt know quite what happened. Since I can record from the in to out point properly I can't gather any other reason why.


      Anyone else run into this problem?