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    Crash exporting PDF from CS6 (branched)


      Hi John,


      I found this thread in the forums and thought you might be able to answer my question as well. I have been attempting to export a PDF from InDesign to no avail. It keeps crashing each time. A few weeks ago I had a similar problem with it but was trying to export CS5 .indd files that hadn't been resaved to CS6 yet. Once I resaved them it worked. Now, I'm struggling with a magazine design I create 4 times a year. The file was basically opened from a CS5 file and resaved/renamed with CS6. I can't get it to export. I've tried all of your recommendations on trashing those preferences. It still crashes. Here is my crash report. Any thoughts?




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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          (I've branched your thread; please use a new topic when you have these problems in the future).


          Your crash appears to relate to CoolType and font rendering:


          Thread 33 Crashed:

          0   libsystem_kernel.dylib             0x905589c6 __pthread_kill + 10

          1   libsystem_c.dylib                  0x97306f78 pthread_kill + 106

          2   libsystem_c.dylib                  0x972f7ce3 __abort + 198

          3   libsystem_c.dylib                  0x972f464a __stack_chk_fail + 253

          4   com.adobe.CoolType                 0x010137c9 CTInit + 1626733

          5   com.adobe.CoolType                 0x01014053 CTInit + 1628919

          6   com.adobe.CoolType                 0x010111ba CTInit + 1616990

          7   com.adobe.CoolType                 0x0100f77e CTInit + 1610274

          8   com.adobe.CoolType                 0x00f6478e CTInit + 909874

          9   com.adobe.CoolType                 0x00ef40a2 CTInit + 449350

          10  com.adobe.CoolType                 0x00e726ba 0xe1e000 + 345786

          11  com.adobe.PDFL                     0x2e83d2e2 PDFontPSFlushIncrGlyphList + 85285

          12  com.adobe.PDFL                     0x2ec52898 PDEFontGetWidthsNow + 8752

          13  com.adobe.PDFL                     0x2ec52bb9 PDEFontGetWidthsNow + 9553

          14  com.adobe.PDFL                     0x2ec53b13 PDEFontGetWidthsNow + 13483

          15  com.adobe.PDFL                     0x2ec549a1 PDEFontGetWidthsNow + 17209

          16  com.adobe.PDFPort                  0x17f7dffe PDFPortInitialize + 560298

          17  com.adobe.PDFPort                  0x17f7e375 PDFPortInitialize + 561185

          18  com.adobe.PDFPort                  0x17f668f0 PDFPortInitialize + 464284

          19  com.adobe.InDesign.PDF             0x17c9af09 0x17c65000 + 220937

          20  com.adobe.InDesign.PDF             0x17cbe64d GetPlugIn + 66509

          21  com.adobe.InDesign.PDF             0x17cc10b8 GetPlugIn + 77368

          22  com.adobe.InDesign.PDF             0x17ca8bb5 0x17c65000 + 277429

          23  PublicLib.dylib                    0x01701d7c Command::DoImmediate(short) + 62


          This sort of thing usually indicates a corrupt font.

          Try removing all non-system fonts and seeing if you have the same problem. Or paying close attention to the fonts that are used in your document.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            John Hawkinson wrote:


            (I've branched your thread; please use a new topic when you have these problems in the future).

            Oh, look, you already did. Ha. Locking this thread.

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