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    Import Folder(s)

    [r]Evolution Level 1

      I'm usually given a HD with footage that is organized into folders:

      - Interviews

          Larry > Gym

          Larry > Outside



      - B-Roll


          Customer Service

               Counter > Taking Money > Close Up

               Counter > Greeting Customers


      I would like to keep said structure when I import into Premiere but it seems to just dump the footage into the media pool.


      Is there any way to import the Folders of your Footage and force Premiere CS6 to keep your folder structure and create Bins accordingly?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Create Bins for each folder of media.

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            Or just drag each sub-folder to the Project pane separately.  The footage will arrive in a folder in Pr with the same name.  This is on Mac; not sure about Windows.  You'd have to drag the subfolders separately into main folders that you create yourself.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Picked this up from Jeff Greenberg at the Cow.


              Import your clip/bin/folder structure to AE.

              AE will retain the folder structure.

              Select all. Copy.

              Paste into Premiere Pro.

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                Jim Curtis Level 3

                Nice one, Anne!

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                  [r]Evolution Level 1

                  Thanks Ann Bens (& Jeff Greenberg).

                  It worked as suggested. It even brought over the pesky little "NewTek Info" folders from a client that I sometimes can't see in Explorer/Finder. Everything was Nice, Neat, and Organized, exactly the way they were set up. - I guess I should visit 'Bessie' more often as everything I found here for 'Import Folder Structure' led me to LightRoom discussions.


                  I sure hope being able to import Folder Structures will make its way over to Premiere  as sometimes I edit on a box that does not have AE installed and this feature is super handy. Especially when a client or someone has already taken the time to organize the folders and will probably reference this structure when talking about footage or requesting a certain shot.


                  The method of importing individual subfolders can be T > Te > Ted > Tedi > Tedio > Tediou > Tedious




                  OT: How was someone else able to mark a CORRECT ANSWER to MY question? What if one of the other answers/methods suited MY needs better?

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                    If you have a copy of Final Cut Pro 7 you can import the folder tree into the project window, then export an XML to open in Premiere.  Its an extra step, but it does preserve the folder tree.

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                      Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      It seems coping from the Bridge also works.