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    Missing Fonts


      Using CS5 on a windows 7 64-bit OS.  When I open up an InDesign file it tells me that I'm missing the following 5 fonts:

      Arial (TT)

      Arial (TT) Italic

      Arial (TT) Bold

      Arial (TT) Bold Italic
      Mepmhis (T1) Bold


      I'm guessing TT stands for True Type and T1 stands for Type 1.  These fonts are in fact all installed and located in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.


      The file is located on a network location, but the problem persists if I copy it over to my desktop as well. 


      I have tried reinstalling the fonts, but the same issue persists.


      Does anybody have any other ideas?

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Have you tried using Find Font? Did you create the file from scratch?  If it came from someone else it could just be that the fonts that you've got appear slightly different to InDesign, hence the missing fonts warning.  try using Find Font to replace them with the ones you have, saving and reopening.  Watch out for reflow.

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            2Lewey52 Level 1

            I did the replace, I'll check with the person who sent the file to me and see if it looks correct to them as well.