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    Search / Replace to Create Arbitrary Fractions

    MadMac55 Level 1

      Kasyan Servetsky @ http://www.kasyan.ho.com.ua/index.html gave us Proper Fraction.  Not all OTF fonts are created equal, so if your font's sub-structure has no support for fractions you have to lean on Proper Fraction.


      The script goes nearly all the way but lacks the kind of GREP search like this...     \d+[/]+\d*      -- this will ignore the whole number 134 in 134 13/16 and select the fraction.


      But a script such as Proper Fraction could be amazing if it could search and replace.   If anyone is familiar with this and could comment about adding the aforementioned GREP {find any digit with a slash and a digit}, could you reply here?