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    Trimming in Timeline doesn't update 2nd Monitor view (CS6)

    Steven Pribilinskiy Level 1

      Recently I had to make a decision to avoid Reference Monitor View because of a bug introduced in CS6:

      Scrubbing leads to Stuttering with Reference Monitor - http://forums.adobe.com/message/4444678


      But then, there's another behaviour:

      when Program Monitor View is set to some Scopes, 2nd Monitor View is not updated when Trimming in Timeline


      I just want to keep some "RGB Parade" permanently on screen without issues.

      It seems there are no more workarounds. It's sad that I can't return to CS5.5, because of converted projects and the convenient power of selectable Edit Points.


      Remains to send a Bug/Behaviour Fix Request and to hear your opinion about this behaviour.


      Are you also have the same behaviour?


      Feature Request/Bug Report Form


      Concise problem statement:Trimming in Timeline not updating currently trimmed frame in 2nd Monitor view

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1.Set Program Monitor View to some Scopes

      2.Trim clips in Timeline

      Results:Nothing happens on 2nd monitor

      Expected results:Trimmed Frame should be updated in 2nd Monitor, like when the View is set to Composite mode

      Link: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish