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    Source Formatting Stopped Working After Changing Options In Tag Libraries




      I have Dreamweaver CS6 and I recently made a couple of changes in the HTML and ColdFusion tag libraries -- mainly just how a couple of tags break, and whether line breaks appeared before and after. I didn't like the defaults for a couple of tags.


      As soon as I made this change through the tag libraries dialog and saved them, source formatting quit working correctly and tags (any tags) are no longer inserted with the formatting that's defined in the libraries. This includes tags I didn't make any changes to.


      For instance, if I add a table using the insert table function, the code is inserted in one long line with all of the TRs and TDs mashed together in a mess.


      I cannot seem to undo whatever happened.


      Is there a way to return the DW tag libs to default or fix the issue?