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    Total Newbie Question(s)

      Hello Folks,

      In advance, I already want to thank all of you willing to take the time to read this, or even reply :)

      Anyway, here's my current situation.
      I've got Eclipse Europa (3.3) with the Flex 3 plugin.
      I've got Tomcat 6 with the LiveCycle Data Services.
      I've got some experience in coding Java classes, contacting Databases (I currently would like to use MySQL) and wiring it all with Spring/Toplink etc...

      Anyway, I'm a bit lost when trying to do the following:
      I want to create a webbased database management thingie. Easy mode. One table, 2 fields etc...
      However, I'm completely lost at how to start.

      I'm perfectly capable to create my Bean, Dao, DaoImpl and even a service layer above that which gives access to my Dao.
      Other then that I'm, after some nice tutorials, capable in creating my FLEX-Gui to show it all.

      What's the problem then?
      Well, I have no idea what I need to do with my Java classes to make sure I can use them in my Flex App...
      How do I need to create the war that needs to be deployed on my Tomcat?
      What is needed in my Service Layer to make it accessible?
      What do I need to add in my Flex project to use that War? I need to point towards a 'war-location' when creating a J2EE based Flex application in Eclipse...

      Anyway, I hope the explanation and the questions are clear enough and not too 'noob-like' :)

      Any replies appreciated!

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          riesvantwisk Level 1
          Hoi Pieter,

          you can use this zip ( http://www.vantwisk.nl/riesvantwisk/resource/blaze-ds.zip) file to kick of your project. It uses Blaze-DS, not LCDS but it sounds like you can get away with Blaze-DS.

          I use ant as my build tool and can compile and deploy in GlassFish JBoss and TOmcat. I prevere to use GlassFIsh.

          Teh zip contains a example with messaging and remoting in action.

          Together with your current framework you can conenct the dots and update your DB. I always use PostgreSQL, but the zip is transparent and doesn't rely on anything but your imagination.


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            Hey Ries,

            first of all, thanks for taking the effort to reply :)

            However, the link you provide is dead for me...
            I tried searching your site for it, but it's a wee bit cluttered to find anything :)

            Any chance you can check it ?

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              Eric Holsinger

              What you need is provided in the following link. It will get you the main BlazeDS server/war app download and javadocs:

              After you get that, go to the Getting Started link and get the samples running:
              Here, you'll be installing an HSQL db, BlazeDS server deployment, the samples war, etc. This will give you a good overall look at Flex back-ending to a java server solution (i.e. Remoting).

              I took this and ran with it and was able to go from the samples to configuring my own existing EJB app to use BlazeDS with a Flex thick client (i.e. using the flashplayer plugin in a web page). I put this together in about 3 days, including the familiarization with BlazeDS and some research, so it's not that bad.

              There are some setup issues that were a bit hairy, so if you have any issues getting it up and running, reply back to this thread and I'll help you out.

              One thing I will say: My confidence level with Adobe and EJB/Java technologies is not high - i.e., no offense to Adobe, but I don't see a lot of technical info on the nuts and bolts between Flex, BlazeDS, and server-side java. Maybe because it's designed to be stupid-simple, not sure - but if they're pushing the technology, they need to probably get a bit more info out there - and their "open sourcing" of BlazeDS is not on sourceforge and I don't see any mention of a development team working on it, which is a bit scary in and of itself.

              Cheers, Eric.
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                Eric Holsinger Level 1
                One more thing, quickly - once you get the samples up and running, ignore everything but the Remoting portion of the instructions - the rest is for web services and other technologies that you don't need with java remoting.

                Thx, Eric.