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    Help on perplexing PS issue (side-by-side images)


      Every once in a while I print that has two side-by-side images on one piece of paper. My usual routine is to create a new document that is larger than the two images--say, 10x8 (horizontal) with a transparent background and the same resolution as the two images that I'll be placing on the canvas (say, two 4x3's). Then I simply click on the image I want to move and drag it from its layers palette onto the blank background canvas, and move/edit/size as needed. Ditto with the second image. This has worked great for me.

      Until tonight. Same routine. Except when I drag an image over to the blank canvas, it assumes the size of the entire canvas. so I just have the image... enlarged. With no background canvas.

      This is driving me nuts. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or if inadvertently hit some setting? BTW, when I click on the new image (the one dragged to the canvas), all of the editing commands are grayed out. So I cannot resize or move it.

      I'm on CS5 (mac)



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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It seems way too obvious, but what are the pixel dimensions of the the two images?  If I have two portrait mode images, for instance, I open both, and check their pixel size.  Then the larger is downsized to the exact same height as the smaller, and the smaller image's Canvas size increased to the exact pixel width of the larger's.  That way I know that the two will fit perfectly on one canvas.


          Or I just use Picture package and save myself a heap of time! 


          BTW  I have Picture Package in CS5, but not CS6.  Can it still be DL'd as an xtra?


          Ahhh...  Check this thread


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            TMF_2011 Level 1

            Yes, the pixel dimensions for the two images are correct, the images are both significantly smaller than the blank canvas, and the canvas and images share the same resolution. Again, when I attempt to drag the individual images from their respective layer palettes onto the blank canvas, they automatically increase in size to the size of the canvas, which defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do. I cannot figure out what is going on.

            I'll resort to Picture Package for now, but it was a routine I was comfortable with, and the fact that I cannot do it is driving me crazy.