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    Why some fonts don't display properly

    paithiam Level 1

      I use Windows 7, Pagemake 7 (with update 7.01)

      Some fonts don't display properly in pagemaker file. Sometimes they look blank; sometimes display in part and the rest as blank. In fit-in Window view, sometimes a page displays properly, and next page is blank, go back to the previous page, it also turns blank. Some times letters look garbled. Display varies as and when the view size is changed.Example for the fonts - Souvenir LtBt . What could be the problem and what is the solution ?

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          Jay Chevako Level 3

          Pagemaker is old software, it was designed for use when fonts were quite limited. It will only display the first 256 characters in a font.  Modern fonts have moved way beyond this limitation. The solution is to stick with older fonts, or to upgrade to indesign. It does sound like your souvenir font  could be corrupted, running font management software is a good practice no matter what program you use.