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    Calculating date fields

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      I have three fields. 2 are formatted with the date field, and the third is for calculating the difference between the 2 date fields.



      For example, field1 says Aug 2012, and field 2 says Sep 2012. Is there a way i can make field 3 dipslay the answer 1(month)?



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



      Thank you

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, you use the JavaScript date object to extract the full year and month from the entry fields, create a lowest common denominator for the month and year, and do the math.


          The custom calculation event for the number of months:


          // clear the result value

          event.value = "";

          // get field values

          var sStart = this.getField("Date1").value;

          var sEnd = this.getField("Date2").value;

          // process only if we have data

          if(sStart != "" && sEnd != "") {

          // convert date strings to date objects

          var oStart = util.scand("mmm yyyy", sStart);

          var oEnd = util.scand("mmm yyyy", sEnd);

          // get the start date full year and month

          var nStartFullYear = oStart.getFullYear();

          var nStartMonth = oStart.getMonth();

          // convert start data to months

          var nStartMonths = (nStartFullYear * 12) + nStartMonth;

          // get the end date full year and month

          var nEndFullYear = oEnd.getFullYear();

          var nEndMonth = oEnd.getMonth();

          // convert end data to months

          var nEndMonths = (nEndFullYear * 12) + nEndMonth;

          // do the math

          event.value = nEndMonths - nStartMonths;

          } // end have data


          You will have to adjust the names for the start and end dates.

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            Smitch1581 Level 1

            Genius! Thank you very much, that works a treat.


            Thank you