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    Audio waveform refreshes display slowly on timeline (PrPro CS6)

    MichaelBuieFilms Level 1

      Is it just me.


      I LOVE so many things about this new release. The one persistent, "always dealing with" issue I have is I have to wait for the audio waveform to refresh most times when I zoom in and out or even just scroll back and forth on the timeline. This is a huge slowdown/impediment issue for me.


      1. This never happened in previous versions


      2. This is not during indexing ... it's all the time


      3. It happens even when no effects are applied


      4. No, I do not have a slow workstation (CPU, mem, drives all optimal) ... remember, this never happend in previous versions


      5. I have preview files/cache and project/source video on different hard drives


      Anyone else experiencing this?