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    Selecting all consecutive paragraphs of the same style in GREP?

    Big Jord



      Is there anyway to select all consecutive paragraphs of the same style using GREP and append something after it?


      My problem is that I need to add a tag to the start and end of all footnote sections, they are not embedded in InDesign, but rather they are simply listed after every section. I've managed to add the tag to the start of every footnote section but how can I use GREP to select all of the footnotes and add the tag after it?


      I have tried (among others)




      but it only finds each footnote one at a time, rather than the whole section's worth of them.


      Leaving the Find field blank and just using Find Format will find the whole section but I can't find anyway to append the tag. I tried




      but it seems to cut a lot of the footnotes out randomly?


      There must be a way to do this?