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    Issue with corrupted document, need Help !


      Dear all,


      In our company we use daily Indesign 7.5 (cs 5.5 package) and when we export the .ind document to .pdf the system crash.

      Above this the original document (.ind) is corrupted and we're not able to open thedocument.


      We loosed a lot of work and we're not able to restore de document.

      When we try to open the corrupted document this message appear :

      indesign error 1.jpg

      indesign error 2.jpg

      Can somebody help me?

      Thx and have a nice day.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The very first thing to do is update to 7.5.3 and see if the problem is fixed.


          Are you using any third-party plugins? There was a serious bug in 7.5.0 (the initial release of CS5.5) that allowed incompatible CS5 plugins to install in CS5.5, and that could certainly casue this sort of error.

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            Xforton Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            First of all thx for the answer.

            But unfortunately this issue is still there.

            Do you know if there exist a tool to recover a Indesign doc?


            For Info we don't make use of specific add-in or third party module...just a basic use of indesign.


            Thanks in advance for your reply.




            FYI :

            indesign error 3.jpg

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              Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

              Modname :- Text.rpln , hence could be an issue with the fonts or text in the file ,


              Can you export the file in the IDML and then check,

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                Xforton Level 1

                Hi Manish,


                Thx for the reply.


                What is IDML ?

                This error message appear when i try to open the document in question, so i'll not be able to manipulate the document in Indesign.

                Maybe there exist a tool to recover the document but i don't know which.


                Thx in advance

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                  Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                  My Mistake , I thought its crashing while exporting to PDF , sorry for the above post.


                  First , Where is your document saved , is it on network server or locally saved on your computer?


                  If its saved on the network , copy it on the desktop and then check.

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Do you have a font manager? That counts as a third party plugin.


                    At this point it isn't clear to me if the file is damaged, or there's just a problem in your installation, so what to try next is sort of up in the air. I'm going to send you an upload link via Private Message so you can sned me the file that isn't opening to see if it opens here. That will tell us a lot.


                    The only file recovery option I know for truly damaged files is from Markzware, and it isn't inexpensive, so you need to weigh the cost carefully aginst the cost of rebuilding. See Bad InDesign or Quark File Recovery Submission Form

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      I'm afraid I have some bad news. The file does no open here, either, so that pretty well answers the question of whether it is damaged, and yes, it is.


                      For recovery, I think Markzware (linked above) is the best hope. But that doesn't answer the "why" of the problem. Do you use Suitcase or Q2ID? Both of these have been implicated (especially Suitcase) in this kind of crash. Bad fonts, or bad graphics can do it, too, but can be pretty hard to pinpoint if the file gets destroyed. Your error dialog inidcates a problem with text of some sort.


                      Are your files stored locally on your hard drive, or on a sever or removable drive? I think a crash may be more likely to damage a file on a server, but I have nothing to back that up. In the meantime, I would make sure you are working only on copies of the files when you try to export and during any troubleshooting so that you don't lose anything else.


                      The next step, I think woudl be to try another file (a copy of a real file, or a newly made test file) after creating a new user account on the machine and loggin in with that account. If it crashes again, the problem is most likely either a conflict with some other software (usually a plugin), bad font, or a damaged ID installation. If you don't crash in a new user, try again with the same file (still using a copy) in the old user. If it crashes, the problem is someplace in your user profile.

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                        DavidMWE Level 1

                        Thank you, yes, we at Markzware can try to help with your corrupt InDesign documents, for sure.


                        From as far as we can see when dealing with the odd corrupt InDesign file from time to time, is that it comes down to three main reasons why these InDesign documents have issues:


                        • Font(s)
                        • Image(s)
                        • PowerOutage or Forced Stopped


                        Fonts can indeed be a corrupt font itself, but also corrupt, over-loaded or otherwise odd-balled font caches. Here is a video on how to clear font caches in InDesign and although for a Mac in this video, I think you'll get the idea on how to do that on a PC as well:



                        One highly corrupted image can ruin the show for your entire file. Check all images individually till you find the bad one and remove that. Also, more times then I can count, InDesign users drag-and-drop images from a web browser while visiting a web page, right into an InDesign layout. That is a big no-no. Not saying your are doing that, but just covering what can happen in the images category and a bad InDesign file.


                        As for the odd power outage, well that is something maybe Tesla could have helped us with, but until a time when we are not dependant on AC/DC currents, it will remain a sore point. Power in your cases is likely not the issue though.


                        Always report issues like these to Adobe though. They can also often help and if not right away, at least they may gather important details to help stop that type of corruption in the future.

                        If all else fails and as mentioned, we as Markzware can help try and fix your files - Bad InDesign or Quark File Recovery Service



                        Friendly Regards,